Monday, December 14, 2009

New Post - Wow!

Thought I would at least get one more post in before the end of the year. Conservation seems to have moved over to FB/Twitter now. :)

Here I was yesterday ice biking on Riverbend Lake - the words Merry Xmas with GPS. Click on title to go to link!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oregon Mountain Biking

Here is some bike camera video from Nick and I mountain biking around Oregon 7/6-7/11/09. I just have bike video of basically the Upper McKenzie River portion of trip right now - Windows Movie Maker is having issues. More to come though.

UPDATE! - 2nd video below (on the left) is now the Newberry Calderra Rim Loop. I didn't compress it, so a little smoother. :)

UPDATE #2 - 3rd video below (on the right) is Umpqua River Trail portion of trip - including infamous Dread and Terror. It's also uncompressed video and a little smoother and longer.

What a fantastic trip! We had two days on McKenzie River Trail - camping at River Bridge campground one night. 1 day riding Newberry Calderra Rim loop outside Bend, with two nights staying in DT Bend with friends. 3 days/ 3 nights riding the Umpqua River Trail, camping at the Eagle Rock Campground. Umpqua Trail riding including do the infamous Dread and Terror Segment, and riding the Applewood Segment that was a major forest fire back in 2002. Actually the biggest thing to Dread about Dread and Terror are the mosquitoes. That does keep you moving though.

I had one good endo the first day doing the upper half of McKenzie River Trail, right on some nice sharp lava rock. Just a nice souvenir for the trip. I was a little more careful for a while after that. :P

We had about 150miles total riding, maybe a third of that was road riding to and from single track trail. I would have sweet Garmin GEarth maps of bike routes, but Garmin started turning itself off all the time when I hit any bump. Maybe time for Garmin upgrade.... :)


Monday, June 22, 2009

20th Century Ultra Trail Run

Saturday 6/20/09 was 20th Century Ultra Trail Run.
Not related to Mutual Fund! 100K from Lake Easton, passing over the Cascade Range on PCT, to Carnation (Tolt MacDonald State Park). Only wildlife I saw was a marmot up in rocky area around Ollalie Meadows. I didn't need to see a bear that day.
Perfect weather - sun in the AM, then cloudy and cool in the afternoon. 7AM to 7:01PM (721min) - 7th place out of 15 (8 women and 7 guys). Here is GEarth pic of route and me at finish turning off my Nike+ ipod.
The last 12-13 miles by far the hardest - I felt pretty good up to about 50miles. I couldn't believe how long the several last miles seemed to be. I was half joking with someone that passed me near the end that I forgot if was doing the 50K or 100K. I think she was a little worried about my mental state after I said that, and one of the race organizers came looking for me. But I was just about then crossing the finish line. Very nice to see Marilyse waiting for me at finish and have some real food - no more Gu, Powerbars, or electrolyte mix!
Race organizers did an awesome job with stations, support, logistics - especially considering distances and trail bypasses involved!
Here is GEarth pic of route and me at finish turning off my Nike+ ipod.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2Kmiles with Nike+!

Last Saturday, I realized that I was only 22.5 miles short of 2000mile goal with Nike+ system. So what the hay, a beautiful sunny spring weekend and I went out for a 23.2mi run - about a mile of it I had to walk around the end. Riverbend running down to Tokul Trussle and then back Snoq Trail where you can see 34 exit. Good times!

Click on link for Nike+ Cert.


Monday, May 04, 2009

Sunflower Iron Completed

What a Trail Run! I did the Methow Valley Sunflower Iron Trail Run on 5/2/09. 3hrs 17min for 21.7miles, about 2,400ft total elevation gain, 35th place out of 143 Iron Runners - click on title to link to all race results. My Nike+ chip overclocked it a little at 23miles. Incredible views and yes, lots of sunflowers! Race is very well supported and organized, with lots of happy runners. Keith - thanks for the potato, strawberry, and gu drop at mile 8. The free baked potato at the finish was real incentive to keep going. :P


Friday, April 03, 2009

Budu race 3/1/09 Soaring Eagle Icey Qua

Here I am avoiding rock at Budu race at Soaring Eagle Park.
Lucked out with good weather - 6 of 20 in my sport class on this one.
Good times!
Mom was there was to cheer me on. Thanks Mom!

Last two budu races I bailed on because of weather - mud/snow/rain fests.

Next big event is Sunflower Iron in Wintrop, WA - 5/2/09.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I finished first Sport Class Mtn Bike Race last Sunday - Budu Seatac. Great Times!
It had rained the night before, but sun was peeking out by race time. A little mud and slick roots, but mostly nice tacky course. I was 8 of 15 in mens 30something Sport Class. I'll take it, now onto next weekend at Soaring Eagle. Click on title for link to results.